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Party venue coming together...and I mean what I say on this...👍🏻👍🏻
Amazing day for @wearewhispertv - been a long, hard slog...but 10 years later it’s a day to celebrate and reflect with our staff, partners, and friends. 
Whisper was a dream we had. And I really hope that it shows anyone, in any business, that if you have an idea, and some (loads of)  energy...you can do anything you want. 
Make Shit Happen. 
Heading to London for some exciting  meetings - with a few mates. 
We literally don’t see each other for half the year, summer arrives, and we are inseparable! 
Love these guys...they’re like a breath of fresh air...🤧
Just shot these outside, on my phone...cool huh?! However, when did I become a garden geek?!? 🌷

Very little makes happier...

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