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Happy Fathers Day, Dad’s. 
Remember, among all the tests, and challenges that come with being a Dad...and that daily feeing of not being good enough & feeling like you get everything wrong... There are really only 2 essentials you need to quip your kids with. 
Roots and Wings. X
I struggle so much to get my head around the passing of time. 
It feels like 2 minutes ago that Gemma was encouraging her son, Ethan, to forget about being embarrassed and go for a swim in his pants, in our garden. 
It feels like one minute ago, Simon was crying in our kitchen, wearing Gemma’s wedding ring. I have never seen a person more broken in my life. 
And now, this sits on the table in our hall. 
I tend to push away the unimaginable, so haven’t yet managed to open it. 
However, I will. And in it I know the strength and faith of Simon & Ethan will... Shine through. Thanks to the way Gemma equipped her boys. 
How have we gone from her smiling, to this book sitting here, in a blink. 
Time may pass, but what we leave behind, impacts for much, much longer. Remember that ❤️❤️
Don’t ask...
When you’re in Baku hosting the #EuropaLeague final, but your son is getting annoyed that he isn’t getting a thumbs up 🤣😂🤣

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