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From a little village in Norfolk...to this.

Crap at school, bullied, fired from McDonalds, no degree, a mass of rejection letters, dad a charity worker, mum a teacher... TV felt a long, long way away... #ItsAllThereForYou
You can swap the word ‘team’ for ‘family’, ‘business’, ‘world’, ‘environment’...in fact, there are so many variables. 
What does it mean to you? What word would you use? Leave me a comment... Oh, and instead of just looking, liking and leaving...call a graphic design company & order one for your life... #OnlyPositive 👍🏻❤️
I absolutely LOVE this.

So often, people have a reason, or an excuse for not delivering...but these are 10 things that EVERYONE can get right.

As you start a new week, aim to make these 10 things part of your everyday approach to life. Non-negotiable behaviours that will change your life...
Last nights goodie bags - filled with Norfolk loveliness. Thank you @harrisonchocolatiers @gnawchocolate @redwellbrewing @giveitsomebeanz. The guests loved them, and we loved how central your amazing Norfolk products were❤️❤️❤️ @proudlynorfolk

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