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This weeks #MicdUp features Lee Bowyer...and it is fascinating. ‪See in-depth how he makes @cafcofficial tick...and the culture he’s created. ‪This Saturday, 8pm, @btsport 1.‬
HUGE (and rather emotional) moment this week. Mrs H and I meeting Owen.

He is the FIRST recipient of the Jake Humphrey Scholarship. And he’s grabbing the opportunity!

If you want to study TV/media, but University is a financial stretch, let us help. 
Click here for more details...but if @hathumphrey and I can help YOU follow YOUR dreams...we would love to! 
LINK: https://www.uea.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/scholarships/arts-and-humanities-scholarships/the-jake-humphrey-scholarship
In my office, having a first look, and making notes for changes to this weeks #MicdUp.

It features Lee Bowyer, who kindly gave us insane levels of access ahead of a huge #Charlton game.

On @btsport this Saturday, 8pm...📺
From a decade ago when I landed a job in sport (F1), I’ve been keen to take viewers at home as close as possible.

Got in trouble numerous times for going into F1 garages, I would always choose pitch-side football presentation over a studio, hosting in the velodrome for the 2012 Olympics will always be with me...and this is my latest plan... Just put a microphone on a football manager, and listen in to their day as they go about running a football club.

Season 1 Episode 1 is Neil Warnock. Tonight, 8pm, on @btsport #MicdUp

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