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Having a really exciting meeting about a new venture around the kitchen table...
Belle not remotely interested. 😂
Just confirmed one of THE most talked about football managers in the Premier League for my new podcast.

You’ll love it. Interviews you don’t and won’t hear anywhere else. It’s called High Performance & we speak to leading figures about the tricks they employ to be successful.

Sport, business, entertainment, art...Professor Damian Hughes and I feature industry leaders from across the spectrum. 
It drops on March 9th and I can’t wait to share it with you all... #HighPerformancePod
The story from @gypsyking101 is so much more than a sporting triumph.

It’s a human one.

He had fallen SO low. Suffering with his mental health, having not boxed for 2 years, had a drink problem, had ballooned in weight.

However, he wasn’t done.

He is now the first boxer IN HISTORY to win EVERY major world title in the heavyweight division at some point in his career.

4 former, high-level, dedicated and talented athletes. Over 1000 football games between us...

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