‘A big week for me…’

Welcome to the start of a new week, and thanks for dropping by my official website. I thought I’d leave you a quick note to welcome you to my new ‘online home’ that has been a few months in the making. Do take a look around, and keep on checking back regularly for exclusive news, photos and videos as well as competitions and giveaways.

This is a big week for me and I’m sure you’ll read about it or see it somewhere in the coming days. The reality is I’d love to spill the beans and reveal all about what is to come… but it’s more than my life’s worth!! All I can tell you is that it's good news, and will provide answers to some questions I’ve been asked A LOT in the past few months. Answers that I think will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, how lovely was the weather this past long weekend?!  I was up drinking tea at 4.30am on Sunday morning (fellow new Dads will know that time of the day well) and I caught a glimpse of the weather report.

Surely there must be a mistake I thought.  Perhaps the sleep-deprivation had finally caught up with me after six weeks of nappy changes and winding Flo at all hours of the night. However, it seems that this was no dream, and temperatures in the mid-20’s were a rare reality on a bank holiday weekend.  Did you make the most of it?

As we had Harriet’s sister and husband with us I did breakfast in the garden, followed by a lovely walk around Virginia Water, before a lunch at a real favourite of ours, the Fox and Hounds at Windsor Great Park.

The F&H is a cracker of a pub, in an era where gastro-pubs are two-a-penny and the standard is high, this place excels. If you’re ever in the Egham/Windsor area, give it a go.  And when you do, go for the fish and triple-cooked chips.  I’m sure my personal trainer wouldn’t approve, but my taste-buds did. The good news is that wonderful Windsor Great Park is the perfect place to burn off any extra calories and the views are cracking.

Anyway, after a good walk I had a painful left heel where my new trainers had been rubbing, so I took off one trainer, piled in the car with the family and we headed home. On the way we stopped for fuel, I hopped out and did the honours, popped in the shop to get milk, as requested, and whilst at the till glanced out of the window towards the car.

All the guys were gesturing wildly at me so I held up the milk as if to say, ‘Yes, got it!’ I then spotted that they were actually saying, “Turn around!”

So I did, and found myself staring straight at Jeremy Kyle behind me in the queue!!

I’d never met ‘Jezza’ before, but it was so obvious what had happened that I just said, ‘Oh, hi, that was my family messing about!’

Jeremy just laughed and we got chatting.  He asked me about the new BT job, we both talked about how TV makes us look fatter (us vain TV types eh?!) and went our separate ways.  But not before he asked me one last question:

‘’Why are you only wearing one shoe?”


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