Bedtime Live - Blog from the bedside

Jake shares a few thoughts on fatherhood, sleep and bedtime battles in a blog for the Bedtime Live team.

So birth, how was that for you?

It was a strange and rather intense 48hours.  I found it tough because I am so used to being in control with the job that I do, but I had no choice but to sit back and let the experts do what they needed to do.  I think being the 'birth partner' is a tough job and i think that the birth is clearly very physically hard for the woman, but for the man its really mentally difficult.  You have to see the woman you love going through intense pain, you need to try and listen to everything as you are really the link between the Mum and the medical staff, and whatever happens you have to look cool.  I figured that when our birth was getting a little tricky there was no benefit in me looking stressed so I just kept a smile on my face!  The overwhelming feeling afterwards is that woman are incredible and can put their brains and bodies through far more than us men could ever handle!

How were the first few days back at home?

The first night was tricky.  I think Florence just felt completely weirded out.  I imagine it must be quite confusing to spend 9 months in a dark, warm, watery home and then suddenly be thrust into the world and to have to fight for yourself.  It was actually a god-send that the Malaysian GP was on as Flo hardly slept those first two night and so watching the GP was the perfect way for me to keep awake.  I immediately took on the job of chief nappy changer and baby winder, both of which I could now be Olympic Champion in.

What has surprised you the most about fatherhood / unexpected challenges?

I think its this incredible love that you feel stright away for your child.  I thought I knew what it was like to be in love, but nothing has ever felt like the love I have for Flo.  I think its partly due to the fact that they are vulnerable and so you also feel a great sense of protection and care for them, but the primary emotion is just a feeling that they've always been there.  Flo is now only 2 weeks old and we already look back on life before her and think how empty it felt...a very strange and quite disarming but beautiful feeling

What is it like presenting a show like Bedtime Live at this new point in your life?

The timing couldn't be better, I am genuinely seeing the show through new eyes.  The biggest help has been the fact I've experienced real sleep deprivation in recent days.  Between the first and second live shows I managed just 11 hours sleep and really started to feel the effects of not sleeping enough.  I'm also really prod of the show.  I love the live, reactive element, and seeing in to peoples homes is always something I find fascinating.  I think there is a bit of a voyeur inall of us and Bedtime Live fulfills my need for spying on people. I've also learned a great deal and been vlown away by the skill of our's to series two!!

Have you had to tackle a sleepless night yet?

Oh yes!  The one thing that Bedtime Live has taught me is that you mustn't over react to situations.  Keeping calm and consistent all the time is vital.  I've also been really strict about making sure Florence falls asleep in her moses basket and not on my chest or Harriet's arms...the Moses basket need sto be her friend!!  And anyway, if it all goes wrong I have Tanya on speed dial!!

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