Jake didn’t just Mind the Buzzcocks, he loved it!

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I’m sitting in a room at Riverside Studio’s in West London. One of the UK’s funniest performers is telling me all about how he’s shortly off to LA to hang out with Jack Black who is a fan of his work.  Meanwhile, a young lady sits next to me on her phone. She’s just been telling me how she had had the tattoo of her boyfriend’s name crossed out on her finger since they broke up.  His name is A$AP ROCKY from Harlem NYC.

You’re probably thinking that a lad from Norwich who still finds London a ‘bit too busy’ probably felt a little out of his depth.

Well actually, and strangely, I didn’t feel like that at all.

I was in the meeting room at Riverside Studios because I was filming this week’s episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks.  The guy shortly off to LA is the ridiculously funny Noel Fielding, and the girl with the body art is pop star Iggy Azalea.

If you’re not too sure who Iggy Azalea is, type her name into YouTube to watch one of her videos.  Oh, and make sure you’re not easily offended or your kids are nearby.

Whilst discussing LA, ex-boyfriend rappers, and hanging out with movie stars, the best I could do was show them a video of Florence giggling whilst I push her buggy under a tree.  And you know what, they loved it!

The thing about NMTB is that it’s an incredibly friendly show to do.  It’s not about being funny, it’s just about being yourself - Abstract, honest and sometimes conversational entertainment.

On some of these shows they will tell you the questions, and you can sit with a writer, and pen some hilarious pre-planned responses.  Not here.

The magic of Buzzcocks is that it’s too honest for that.  They give you a steer about what’s in the show, but the ethos is that it’s just Phil Jupitus and Noel Fielding being fantastically funny whilst people like me just sit there, smiling in their reflected glory.

So, what was discussed on this ‘music’ quiz show?  We covered how to please goats, what its like living with colour blindness, and plenty of other things that has nothing to do with music, but is just great to listen to.

It was a real pleasure to just sit, sip a beer and watch people, with more talent in their little finger than I have in my entire body, entertain the audience.

Sarah Cox was the host, but I can’t reveal how she kept cool on set. Matt Richardson was another guest, but I can’t reveal what he told me about the X-Factor final 12. And I can’t repeat some of what Iggy Azalea said, in case people under 18 read this!

The only thing you can do it tune in to next weeks Never Mind The Buzzcocks, to see much funnier people than me doing what they do best.

Now, I’m off to see if I can find a friend who makes movies in LA…it sounds cool.

Jake x

Watch Jake on Never Mind the Buzzcocks on BBC iPlayer.