Jake’s baby blog: ‘I’ve experienced real sleep deprivation!’

In a follow up to his bedtime blog, Jake explains how it feels to be a new dad whilst working on a show about children’s sleep issues...

What is it like presenting a show like Bedtime Live at this new point in your life?
The timing couldn't be better - I am genuinely seeing the show through new eyes. The biggest help has been the fact I've experienced real sleep deprivation in recent days. Between the first and second live shows I managed just 11 hours sleep and really started to feel the effects of not sleeping enough.

I'm also really proud of the show. I love the live, reactive element, and seeing into people’s homes is always something I find fascinating. I think there is a bit of a voyeur in all of us and Bedtime Live fulfils my need for spying on people. I've also learned a great deal and been blown away by the skill of our specialists... Here's to series two!

Have you had to tackle a sleepless night yet?
Oh yes! The one thing that Bedtime Live has taught me is that you mustn't overreact to situations. Keeping calm and consistent all the time is vital. I've also been really strict about making sure Florence falls asleep in her moses basket and not on my chest or in Harriet's arms - the Moses basket needs to be her friend...

And anyway, if it all goes wrong I have Tanya on speed dial!

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