‘I’m over the moon to commit my future to BT Sport for the next four years’

News: Jake to join UEFA Champions League team on BT Sport

It’s a funny old world isn’t it?

I’ll forever remember Peterborough playing Cardiff in the FA Cup. It was Saturday 14th November 1987 and I remember seeing the police dogs doing their best to keep the rival fans apart – and failing.  Football was a different game then.

However, that match is burned on my memory as the first live game I’d ever been to. I was 9 years old.

I guess 9 is rather late to be at your first football match, but my charity worker Dad, Rex, and part-time teacher Mum, Liz, just didn’t have the money to take us.

However, after that moment I was hooked – even more so when Ken Charlery had his Roy Of The Rovers moment at Wembley 5 years later. Once more, I was there in the stands with my Dad.

To this day I follow Peterborough closely. My team, though, is Norwich.

I moved to Norfolk in the late 80’s and every week I’d be in the creaking, corrugated iron clad South Stand at Carrow Road chanting the name of Lee Power and cheering on Dave Stringer's boys.

I remember finding out where Captain Ian Butterworth lived and circling outside his house on my BMX for hours, hoping to catch a glimpse.

Anyway, the reason it’s a funny old world is that 25 years after that first glimpse of the beautiful game I now get to spend my weekends watching the best players in the world. And despite the fact that I now stand alongside Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen, I still get that very same feeling that I did leaping in the air with my Dad at Wembley back in 1992.

And today, I’m over the moon to commit my future to BT Sport for the next four years, and become part of the their team hosting the Champions League next season.  From August, for the next three season, BT Sport will be the only place that you can see live Champions League football.

It’s been quite a journey from London Road to the Nou Camp, via kids TV, the world's F1 circuits and Premier League grounds.  And I feel incredibly blessed to have enjoyed such adventure.

Next season, as well as hosting Champions League matches, I will continue to present our Premier League games, and the FA Cup, and I really hope you’ll join us for the ride – if you haven’t already.

And I know the first person on the phone when there is a spare ticket going for a big European night under the lights – a certain Rex Humphrey!

Thanks for all the support – Jake x