A caged beast… the Jaguar F-Type Coupe

I met a cage fighter once. I didn’t know what he did – he was dressed in a tux – we had a brief chat and that was it.

My mate later told me what the gentle, softly-spoken chap did for a living and I was surprised. He didn’t seem the type.

I made a point later of looking at some of this guy’s fights on YouTube.

Out of his tux, facing down an opponent, he was a lean knot of contorted muscle, covered in tattoos and another man’s blood — pure power and aggression. I smiled about appearances being deceiving and didn’t think about him again … until I drove the Jaguar F-Type Coupe.

This car is that cage fighter, dressed in the same designer tuxedo.

On the outside, demur looks, classy touches, well-cut lines. Underneath, it is a howling beast — raw strength, unrelenting power and a brutal punch which will KO almost any opposition from the lights.

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Picture credit: Sun Motors