Meet the Bedtime Live team

Every night Britain becomes a battleground as nearly half of parents in the UK struggle to get their children to sleep. Luckily, help is at hand!

Jake joins Professor Tanya Byron to offer advice to parents on winning the battle of bedtime, in a brand new series for Channel 4 - Bedtime Live.

Tackling every problem with invaluable tips and simple but incredibly effective techniques, the plan is to get the nation's under-10s to sleep by 9pm and to look at just how much sleep our teenagers really need. 

Bedtime Live broadcasts live from the homes of shattered parents - putting them to the test in a series of live experiements. Tanya and her team of specialists help families pushed to breaking point by their children's terrible bedtime habits. Whether it's unruly under-fives or over-tired teenagers, the team have the answers to get us all a good night's sleep.

Find out more about the show by visiting the Bedtime Live website.