Road Test: Jeep Renegade Trailhawk review (2014)

MOST of you will encounter an SUV of some sort during your daily commute.

The funky little crossovers with their jacked-up ride height and chunky bodywork have been a favourite with the school-run brigade for years thanks to their styling and practicality.

However, despite their popularity, there’s one major issue — most can’t actually venture off-road.

Take Nissan’s Juke, a neat looking motor with all the makings of a real mud-plugger. But its frontwheel-drive layout means it all but throws in the towel at even the slightest hint of snow.

However, Jeep, the American brand synonymous with all things 4×4, has just released its new Renegade. It hopes this will change the face of the SUV market by offering Tonka Toy-styling, triedand-tested off-road capabilities and a reasonable price. All wrapped in a city-friendly exterior.

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Picture credit: Sun Motors