Taking care of baby

I am ashamed to admit that in my dim and distant youth, not wearing a seatbelt was seen as a show of masculinity.

I’d finish my A-level class, hop in Mum’s pistachio green VW Polo and drive to the local fast-food chain, with me and my equally stupid mates making a conscious effort not to belt up.

I reflect on that with no pride. It is the usual stupidity that accompanies an immature 17-year-old, I guess. As my life took me towards Formula One I became increasingly aware of the important role of safety when it comes to driving.

However, only when I had a child of my own did I become obsessed about safety in the car.

The best way to keep your child safe in the car is to drive sensibly, but if the worst were to happen, then the car seat you choose to put your child in is one of the biggest decisions of your life.

I’ve reviewed five of the leading seats on the market, having used them for a number of months with my daughter, Florence.

All these seats are front-facing ones that I recommend you wait as long as possible to use with your child.

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Picture credit: Sun Motors