The Inside Track

As the face of the BBC's Forumla One coverage for over 4 years, Jake has become a voice of authority amongst sports presenters - but his career could have taken a very different turn.  In an interview with The Sun, Jake reveals his incredible journey - from failing his A Levels to becomming the face of Formula One for the BBC.

"I was 18 when I failed my A-levels. I’d got an E, an N, and a U. And it was the worst day of my life – made worse as my mum was a teacher at the school where I’d studied," Jake explained.

"I went back to school to re-take my A level exams. But on the day that I returned to do them my politics teacher had a letter from a local TV channel looking for young people to help out. And they gave me an opportunity to do some work experience.

"They didn’t have any money for presenters, so they asked me to do some which led me to Children’s BBC and eventually to Formula One."

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